Investor Agent Training is an educational company founded by brothers Kevin and Erik Mitchell. Our mission is to help Canadian Real Estate Agents expand their businesses by providing comprehensive training on all interactions with Real Estate Investors.

Kevin and Erik are professional real estate investors who have been investing full time since 2006 and have completed over 50 real estate transactions. During the last 6+ years, the two have accumulated over 25,000 hours of experience purchasing and selling investment properties with agents from across the country.

In their first year as full time investors, Kevin and Erik explored many different cities trying to decide where to invest. As they went from city to city looking at investment properties, they had a difficult time finding real estate agents that possessed the necessary training and experience to work with investors…and the Investor Agents they did connect with were usually so busy with existing clients that they didn’t have time to provide the brothers with good representation.

Through networking with thousands of investors over the next few years and listening to many of them share similar experiences, the brothers came to a very important realization: regardless of the city or area of the country, the single biggest challenge of Canadian Real Estate Investors is finding qualified Investor Agents to buy and sell investment properties with.

Using their years of experience training the specific agents they were working with as a foundation, Kevin and Erik created a series of training products designed to show Buying and Selling Agents how to become industry leading Investor Agents!

This decision has created a true win-win situation for both Investors and Agents all over the country. Investors now have the benefit of being able to find, and more importantly work with, trained and certified Investor Agents. While Real Estate Agents looking to expand their business (or refine their current system of dealing with Investors), now have access to information and training that will potentially increase their profits by tens of thousands of dollars in the next 12 months!


Share tips and tricks on how to attract, develop and work with Investors.
Provide useful stats and information on Investors and the properties they buy.
Help you understand the unique language Investors speak
  And much, much more



TREB - Realtor Quest 2014
May 7th and 8th