Training Seminar

Working With Real Estate Investors – Learning the Fundamentals

Are you interested in increasing your income 10,000 - $50,000 in the next 12 months by learning how to be an INVESTOR AGENT?

If so, you need to take this 4 hour online INVESTOR AGENT TRAINING SEMINAR! IAT is loaded with industry leading information on how to attract and work with real estate investors. This training is value packed and exactly what you need to expand your business in 2014!

Canadian real estate has emerged as one of the best investments in the WORLD. More and more people are choosing to invest their money in a real physical asset (property) rather than leaving it in the stock market (Mutual Funds, Stocks, Bonds, etc.) Reality is, the buying and selling of investment property is going to increase and as such, the services of qualified Investor Agents will be in HIGH demand.

If you are serious about growing your business, NOW is the time to start thinking outside the box. If you have been an agent for a few years, chances are you have already learned all there is to know about buying and selling homes, so taking another course on ‘How to grow your homeowner client database’ might not be your best option. If you want to expand your business, learning how to be an industry leading Investor Agent positions yourself perfectly for the changes that are already taking place in your industry.

Join us for this 4 hour IAT Seminar and learn:

checkmark How You Can Attract Investors That are Ready to Buy – Plug yourself right into a tried and true method of growing your investor database and developing relationships with your new contacts.

checkmark 7 Must Know Steps for Handling New Investor Clients – Position yourself as an industry leading Investor Agent from the very first time you meet! Learn this step-by-step process so you can quickly identify the serious investors and collect all the information you need to find them properties that suits their needs.

checkmark Multiple Streams of Income That Come From Working With InvestorsYou will learn what they are, how to decide which ones you want to take advantage of, and how to incorporate them into your business

checkmark Air Tight Clauses You Need to Include in EVERY Offer – Making offers on investment properties is a whole different game. Learn what clauses you absolutely must have in every offer, the custom clauses that you can utilize, and the specific situations that you will need them in.

checkmark How to Find Hidden Gems for Your Clients and Yourself!Whether you are searching for an investment property for your client or looking to add another listing to your portfolio, this information is worth its weight in gold!

checkmark And as a bonus we will provide you with valuable resources for use at any time.



*The sign-in details for the seminar will be emailed to you before the eventt.

**Everyone registered for the training will have 30 days (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) to access and watch the recording as many times as they would like

***Our Full Money Back Guarantee – If you are not completely satisfied with the training you receive, email us at and we will refund your full payment, no questions asked.


Share tips and tricks on how to attract, develop and work with Investors.
Provide useful stats and information on Investors and the properties they buy.
Help you understand the unique language Investors speak
  And much, much more



TREB - Realtor Quest 2014
May 7th and 8th